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Berns, Clancy and Associates has all the equipment needed to perform a wide range of surveying tasks.  The Trimble Total Stations have integral memory and data collectors which enable the survey crew to transfer collected field survey data directly into computer software for computer-aided drafting and design.   Berns, Clancy and Associates' surveyors are also able to analyze the survey data collected utilizing sophisticated coordinate geometry software packages.

Specialized survey equipment employed by Berns, Clancy and Associates surveyors includes:

  • Trimble R8-4 Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers with Static Survey and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Survey capabilities

  • Trimble S3 and S5 Robotic Total Stations

  • Wild automatic levels


Surveying Services:

  • Land, Boundary and Section Surveys

  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • Topographic-Site Surveys

  • Subdivision Layouts

  • Horizontal, Vertical and Photogrammetric Control Surveys

  • Engineering Surveying - field data acquisition and subsequent layout and staking of sewers, watermains, pavements, and buildings

  • Control Surveys

  • Global Positioning System Surveys